International Women’s Day 2013 – more than equality

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2013, Mind Majlis contributor Dr Tulika Mishra writes a reflection on what it means to her.

Female students studying at Majan College

Female students studying at Majan College

Women’s day (8th March) is a day of hope for all women and a day to reflect on the responsibilities and duties as women for humankind along with the rights. When we speak of virtue, our moral and ethical behaviour rather than rules comes into picture. While the modern woman is an epitome of success, the most successful did not walk away from accepting the fact that they are woman and nurturing the positive qualities of their gender to maintain equilibrium in their personal and professional lives. On International Women’s Day, we must not just demand for equal rights to men because the answer to our problems is not for men and women to be alike. All must be themselves, realising and exploring their unique potentials to lend a helping hand to the weaker sections of the society and to achieve their set goals in life. True women’s liberation does not mean seeking equality with a masculine world, but exploiting the feminine aspects of a women’s personality and using them for the benefit of the society.

It takes more than education for a woman to survive in the modern world. As Shakespeare said, ‘so our virtues lie in the interpretation of the time’- in 21st century, being financially independent is the foremost virtue of a modern women. One must aim at a job and yet handle their careers and family with patience and confidence because failure at any front would make them ultimately demoralised. The patience and readiness to listen to the problems are other virtues which help in procuring better results at work and home. Women’s instincts are well recognised at modern work culture as they walk ahead with subject skills combined with soft skills helping them for a promising performance.

A modern woman is and should be a combination of class and conviction. She is self-conscious, confident and capable of handling the turbulence’s of life as well as articulating her needs unlike ever before. She has a ‘dash of inspiration and dabble of endurance’. No wonder it has been said long back about women-“hands that rock the cradle, rule the world.”

What do you think? What does women’s rights and equality mean to you? Let us know in the comments.