5 steps towards true blended learning

blended-learning-divideWhen working towards a true “blended learning” environment, it is common to see more of a “split learning” approach with very little “blend”. It’s easy to segregate the different learning environments in your mind. It’s also easy to assign differing importance to each element according to the environment in which you are delivering them. You can end up observing some or all the following attitudes:

  1. online activities = optional extras for the keen students
  2. online = a repository of resources for the module
  3. online = optional; face to face sessions = mandatory

These may be subconscious attitudes, but they are certainly attitudes that can be observed in a lot of staff and students. The reality is, learning is learning whether online or in the classroom, and each environment contributes unique learning opportunities that the other doesn’t offer, or offers poorly. A key skill of the 21st century educator is to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the learning environments available to them, and create the most effective and holistic learning experience that they can. This is true blended learning.

If this post we will present a 5 practical steps we have found helpful in removing the division between online and offline learning. Continue reading


Welcome to the Mind Majlis


Majan College (University College)

Welcome to the Mind Majlis. This is a blog contributed to by staff at Majan College (University College), a private college of around 2000 students in Muscat, Oman. The blog aims to interact with the international teaching community and demonstrate some of the activities and resources we put to use in our classrooms.

We hope to learn from other likeminded bloggers, and be a valuable contribution to your Personal Learning Network. Please follow us on twitter or wordpress to keep up to date with out posts.

Why Mind Majlis? Majlis (مجلس) is an Arabic word meaning “a place of sitting”. A Majlis will be found in many Arabic houses and is a place for people to gather together and interact. We hope this blog is a place where we can share and learn.